About the program

Young Innovators’ Program is a platform to foster young minds with scientific enthusiasm and a credo to solve the problems facing the globe. IIT Kharagpur with a motive of recognizing students with creative ability to conduct scientific research has for the first time launched this program. In a two day visit to IIT Kharagpur, the students will get a chance to explore the scientific environment within and an opportunity to present their projects in front of distinguished researchers and guests.


Students currently enrolled in class 8th, 9th and 10th will be expected to form groups of 2-3 and come up with a scientific innovation in form of working model, diagram or animation that can potentially solve a problem facing the globe. One teacher from every participating school will be responsible for creating an account on our website, registering the team, paying the registration fees and uploading the submissions of the preliminary round.

To create an account for your school, drop us a mail at barc@iitkgp.ac.in


Benefit for the students

Promote the culture of innovation among students in the domain of science.

Share the delightful experience of visiting the largest IIT campus.

Compete with top Indian schools and get evaluated by IIT faculties and scholars.

Be unique! If you google it, so can we and the examiner.


Clean Energy
Health & Cleanliness
Resource Management
Hardware Modelling
Product Designing
Disaster Management

Come be our guest!

Timeline (Tentative)

  1. Registration

    10th June, 2018

    The principal needs to nominate a coordinating teacher for this program, who will be given a user ID and password for registration of the students.
    The students need to form a team of 2-3 members and submit their name and details to the coordinating teacher of the school.
    Registration fees: ₹ 100/- per team member.
    Last date of registration is 31st July.

  2. Round 1

    The team will submit their abstract of the project ideas briefing the scientific proposal based on the chosen theme. The online submissions of the projects will be done by the coordinating teacher by using his/her user id and password on the portal.Submissions of abstracts start from 15th July. Round 1 results will be released both on our website. All participants who make it to the next round will also receive the news via email.The results will be tentatively announced by 31th July. The selected students will proceed to round 2.

  3. Round 2 (Semifinal)

    Selected students will submit their full-fledged description of the proposal (via the coordinating teacher by using his/her user ID and password) comprising of complete technical description, laboratory work, cost and sustainability analysis, survey if conducted and future prospects.The submission portal for Round 2 will open on 15th September.The results of 2nd round will be declared by 31st August.

    Sample submissions
  4. Round 3 (Final)

    Top teams nationwide will be selected after the semifinal round and they will be called to Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur to exhibit and demonstrate their models or prototype and charts which will be evaluated by professors of IIT Kharagpur. The selected team need to confirm their presence by 18th September 2017 for a two-day event held in IIT Kharagpur. The registration fees for this round will be declared after the announcement of the results of the 1st round.

  5. Final Event @ IIT Kharagpur

    28th October, 2018

    Start of two day finals of the Young Innovators' program at IIT Kharagpur.